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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Jerry Schwartz, a veteran reporter and editor with The Associated Press, returned to Annenberg Hall 302 on Wednesday to visit our DJNF/Temple editing residency participants. He spent time discussing his book, The Associated Press Reporting Handbook, addressing topics related to news gathering, reporting and ethics. Schwartz also gave advice, shared experiences and offered insights based on his years as an editor at The AP. He also led interns through several editing exercises. Jerry Schwartz participated in the DJNF/Temple editing residency in 1976, and he was assigned as the first editing intern to go to The AP. After graduating from Penn State the following year, he returned to The AP, the only place he has ever worked.

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It started early last week, during one of the first days of the DJNF/Temple editing residency. The interns, all 10 of them (eight women, two men), were arriving for lunch as always in the Student Activities Center, stacking their heavily laden book bags before heading for the salad bar or some other gastronomic destination of choice. Nearby, the Temple football team, or at least a good number of them, already were in place. . .no one else. . .having their lunch, carefully taking in the arrival of what one of them was heard to call “The Chess Club.” Above, and with much distance between them, Ashley Thomas of the University of Missouri and a member of Temple’s football team go about the business of having lunch. . .or breakfast. . .or dinner. Such is the day-by-day dance of The Chess Club and the Football Team.

Merrill Perlman , director of copy desks of The New York Times, today visited the DJNF/Temple editing residency. She comes with 25 years of experience at the Times, working her way up as a business copy editor to the Director of Copy Desks. With thanks and much appreciation for her lecture, the editing interns presented her with a signed copy of the Hammond Concise World Atlas.

William Connolly, co-author of The New York Times Manual of Style and a member of the executive committee of the American Copy Editors Society, yesterday visited the DJNF/Temple editing residency. During his visit, the retired senior editor of The New York Times shared experiences from his years in journalism. He also led the interns in an editing exercise and talked about what it takes to be an editor.

Mr. Connolly also was present when the four editing interns headed to The New York Times gave a comprehensive report on that newspaper as well as a SWOT analysis in which they offered their views regarding strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as they relate to the Times.

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Our DJNF editing participants had a day of work and play. Their morning consisted of lectures and daily quizzes. Central Europe was the focus in terms of geography and political considerations. Almost everything one needs to know about basketball, as covered in The Ultimate Visual Dictionary, was another challenge for the interns. AP and NYT style was *N* and *O.* Moreover, spelling and precise word usage continue to be a staple of each day’s training sessions. Above, Claire Craft of Virginia Tech looks up the correct spelling and meaning of whatever word is the sticking point of the moment. . .perhaps anything from *anent* to *zany.*

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The 10 participants in the Temple University Editing Residency completed another day of intense preparation today in Annenberg 302. Their studies include memorizing sections of The Associated Press Stylebook and The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage and familiarizing themselves with entries in the Visual Dictionary (DK Publishing, 2006).  Recent entries studied include the human brain, hybrid cars, and carnivorous plants. Students also take daily quizzes on spelling and world geography, including countries, capitals, landforms, and other topographical features.  Lastly, they study important figures in politics, news and business, including Supreme Court justices and members of the United States Cabinet.

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Day five of the Temple University Editing Residency was made special with a visit from Allison D. Morrow, a participant in last year’s DJNF editing program. Allison, who is now a copy editor at The Wall Street Journal, connected with current participants by sharing her experiences from last year’s program. Allison met the interns, answered questions, and offered advice on how to succeed at their respective internships. It certainly has been a whirlwind year for Allison, who last summer was a DJNF/Temple copy editing intern at Newsday, on Long Island, New York. At the end of the summer, she was offered and accepted an editing position with The Wall Street Journal. By early fall 2007, all participants in the Temple editing residency had landed full-time jobs in journalism, almost all of them in editing.

Linda Shockley and Phil Avila, of The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, Inc., today visited participants in the Temple University Editing Residency. The two discussed the history of the Newspaper Fund as well as participated in editing exercises given by Dr. Edward Trayes. Ms. Shockley and Mr. Avila also talked about editing intern-related procedures and protocols to be followed throughout the summer as well as after each editing internship is completed.

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The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, Inc., editing intern residency has begun. Yesterday, 10 program participants arrived on campus. This program, at Temple since 1968, is in its 41st year under the direction of Dr. Edward Trayes. Participants this year come from different parts of the country. They have studied at Columbia University, Virginia Tech, Syracuse University, Hampton University, University of Missouri, University of Central Florida, University of North Carolina, Hofstra University and DePauw University. Partner news organizations where each intern will work full time for at least 10 weeks this summer are: The Associated Press (New York City offices), The Newark Star-Ledger, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. Four interns each will be going to the Times and the Journal.

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